The dream to create a machine which can think like a human, started in with the introduction of the computing system and Alan Turing with his “Turing Test” became one of the earliest champions of this genre. Since then, Artificial Intelligence has seen a high period like AI Spring as well as disappointing period like AI Winter. John McCarthy, Father of AI has always described it as a science & engineering of making Intelligent Machine.

As we all know the technology in general and Artificial Intelligence-driven technology, in particular, will play a pivot role in the coming future, we need to prepare ourselves for the future achievements as well as challenges. AI World 2019 Conference through various Plenary sessions, workshop, Group discussion, poster competition, B2B meetings will explore technologies and will shape our future.

The AI World 2019 will see the participation from the following sectors, although it will not be confined to that...




Future Policy Makers


Smart Innovators


City Planners

Space Science Engineers          

Gaming professionals

Mechanical Engineers

Automation Industry Leaders

Electrical Engineers

Defense Research Professionals

Computer Science Engineers

Health Care Service Providers

Robotic Technologist

Advertising and Promotion Executives

Design Engineers

Automation Industry Leaders

is to unite the Energy of Like-Minded Individuals to Hilaris Conferences Learning is a never-ending process. Conferences are not just about discussion, but to connect people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities. The key motto of mold the future of research which will shape the future of the world.


Hilaris Conferences is the key to unlock the doors of innovation. Hence, Hilaris Conferences will be a unique platform to sharpen your skill to achieve your goals. Diverse and innovative Conferences with a plethora of research topics will provide everyone a unique learning and career building opportunities. Hilaris conference will rewrite your brain with new and innovative ideas which will help you to boost your self-esteem and confidence.

Hilaris Conferences is hosting the International Conferences, Workshops, Symposiums, Meetings, and Events in the vast domains of Clinical, Medical, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Environmental Sciences, Agriculture & Food, Healthcare, and Applied Engineering, etc.

The advancement in AI, Robotics, and Automation will create an era where machines will match or outperform human intelligence in a range of activities. However, the question which comes in our mind is how soon AI will be a part of our day to day life and what will be the exact impact on our productivity, employment as well as our lifestyle.

According to some research, In 2018, the global AI market is expected to be worth approximately 7.5 billion U.S. dollars and it is expected to grow rapidly with the latest advancement of image recognition, object identification, detection, and classification, as well as automated geophysical feature detection. Technological advancement can raise the overall living standard of the people as well as it will lead to some structural change. AI and technologies related to it have already left its footprint on almost every sector of the modern era.

AI World 2019 conference will open the discussion about the future of workspace as well as the Human Centric work. Enthusiastic participants can expect to avail the below benefits from the London summit.

What to Achieve from AI World 2019

Stay up to date

Improve creativity

Gain Practical strategy

Give yourself a competitive edge

Grow your professional network

Discover new role models

Find an innovative solution

Be inspired & energized

B 2 B & one to one Meet

Keep the flame alive


The top 10 countries for embracing IT:







United States


United Kingdom

Republic of Korea

Top 10 Digital Companies:




Sales Force

Service Now


Analog Device

Palo Alto Network


Adobe System


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