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Valencia, Spain

Exact Venue of the conference will be declared shortly....


  • International Airport: Valencia Airport (Manises Airport), situated about 8KM (5.0mi) west to the city of Valencia
  • Metro, Rail & Bus: Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV) provides the Public Transport
  • Sharing Bicycle: Throughout the city provided by Valenbisi
  • Taxi: Private taxi also available (Parada Taxi, Taxi-Valencia, Taxi2Spain etc.)

About City

Valencia is situated in the east cost of the Spain and is the third largest city of Spain after Barcelona and Madrid. Valencia is a historical city established as a Roman colony in 138BC. Valencia is present in the bank of Turia river. The city of Valencia is also known as the largest historical centre of Spain carrying about 420 acres of heritage sites with old monuments has made it the most famous tourist destination in Spain. In 2016 UNESCO has declared the city of Valencia as the Intangible cultural heritage city.  

Valencia is well known for its subtropical Mediterranean climate with mild winter and long dry hot summer. The average temperature of Valencia during day time is 23 °C and 3.8 °C during night. During extreme weather, January month usually the coldest month with maximum temperature of 14-21°C during day and 5-11°C during nights. August is the hottest month and temperature range s from 28-345-11°C during day and 22-235-11°C during nights.

Before the economic crisis of 2008, Valencia witnessed a strong economic growth majorly contributed by the tourism and construction sector supported by the rapid expansion of transport and telecommunication. The metropolitan area of Valencia had witnessed a GDP of $52.7bn. In 2009, Valencia is declared as the 29th fastest improving European city. Again the city of Valencia is listed under world’s Gamma Rank Global Cities attributed to its education system, commerce, media, Science, fashion, arts & Culture.

""We warmly welcome you the beutiful city of Valencia for the upcoming Biotechnology World Congress 2019 during October 01-02, 2019"".

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