About the COPD and LUNG HEALTH

Novel insights and therapeutic strategies on Lung Cancer and COPD

We require oxygen to survive. We can't receive adequate oxygen if we don't have lungs. You cannot breathe if your lungs are damaged. Even the simplest task might be difficult if you can't breathe.  So the lungs are exposed to air, they perform a vital defensive role in human body and are related to the immune system. Each breath of air contains not just oxygen, but also pathogens and other foreign things such as pollution. 
Combating Pandemics - Now and in the Future, the congress's goal is to focus on what matters, whether it's COVID-19 or other pandemics affecting lung health that continue to wreak havoc worldwide, exposing disparities and demonstrating how interconnected we are all in reality.

All the accepted abstracts will be published in the Supported Journals (Pulmonary & Respiratory MedicineJournal of Lung Diseases & Treatment) of Hilaris Conferences with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) provided by Crossref.

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