Green Chemistry focuses particularly on reducing waste, recycling the waste and creating most innovative products from less consumption of natural products. New materials and products are developed contributing to meet our needs today.

Green chemistry, which was established about two decades ago, has attracted much attentionFuture chemists and chemical engineers need to learn what a more resource efficient and environmentally friendly chemistry for the future might look alike. That means the ideas of a green chemistry should become part of their training from the very start

sustainable chemistry is also multi-dimensional in character, embracing disciplines not normally aligned with it such as economics, accounting, humanities, sociology, cultural studies, health sciences, food science and agricultural science

Green Chemistry 2022 conference brings together Professors, Young researchers, scholars, scientist, professors from fields of Green Chemistry, and Sustainable Development zones to share their knowledge about the various technologies accompanying with Green Chemistry & Sustainable Development fields. This conference also will provide a perspective understanding to the issues emerge in fields of Green chemistry and Sustainable Development. Green Chemistry 2022 provides a chance to speak with outstanding Young Scientists, researchers, Business Leaders, experts from all over the planet. The small effort was put by the Chemistry expo 2022 will help us in taking an extensive step within the field of Chemistry, Organic materials and Universal object orientation.

Green chemistry is a multidisciplinary field and covers areas such as synthesis, solvents, catalysis, raw materials, products and efficient processes

Why to attend?

To associate with the young minds and experienced researchers from all over the world. Accepted abstracts after evaluating the process will be published in with unique DOI Be a part of the keynote Sessions, interactive debates, plenary sessions, poster sessions, workshops and symposiums. Immense opportunity to hear the presentations conveyed by Eminent Scientists. Get business ideas from business experts from the field of Green Chemistry.

green chemistry include: phasing out the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in refrigerants, which have played a role in creating the ozone hole; developing more efficient ways of making pharmaceuticals, including the well-known painkiller ibuprofen and chemotherapy drug Taxol; and developing cheaper, more efficient solar cells.

While in the past traditional waste management strategies focused only on the disposal of toxic by-products, today efforts have shifted to eliminating waste from the outset by making chemical reactions more efficient.

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