International conference and expo on Nanostructure, Nanomaterial and Nano engineering intent to bring together preeminent educators, researchers, research scholars, scientists and innovators to exchange and share their  knowledge, experiences and research results on all aspects of the Nanostructure, Nano material and Nano engineering. It also provides a good platform for researchers, educators and practitioners to present and discuss about their innovations and trends as well as practical challenges encountered in some situations and solutions adopted in the fields of Nanostructure, Nano material and Nano engineering.

A nanostructure is defined as a object of molecular and microscopic or micrometre-sized structures. Nanostructure is measured on the Nano scale .Nanostructure basically used when stating to magnetic technology

Nano material can be defined as materials possessing, at minimum, one externals dimension measuring 1-10nm.The definition given by the European commission states that the particle size of at least half of the particle in the number size distribution measure 100nm

Nano materials can occur naturally, be created as the by-products of combustion reaction, or be produced purposefully through engineering to perform a specialised function. This material can have different chemical and physical properties

Nano engineering is deals with all aspects of the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures on the Nano scale. At its core, Nano engineering deals with the nanomaterial’s and how they interact to make useful materials, structures, devices and systems

While the term Nano engineering is often to used synonymously with the more general term nanotechnology, the former technically focuses more closely on the engineering aspects of the field, as opposed to the broader science and the general technology aspects that are encompassed by the latter.

Hilaris conferences cordially invites all the participants from the entire world to attend for the  “International conference and Expo on Nanostructure Nanomaterial and Nano engineering” from October 26-27,2022 at Barcelona, Spain. With the Theme “Recent Trends and Innovation on Nanostructure, Nanomaterial and Nano engineering. which include prompt keynote presentation, oral talks, poster presentation and Exhibitions

Why to Attend

Nano Summit 2022 gives a platform of worldwide requirements where you could talk and share Ideas, Research works Innovations on Nanostructure Nanomaterial and Nano engineering. Similar to presentations Workshops, and Discussions, the conference also gives a unique venue for renewing professional relationships, networking and final updated versions of our difficult and expanding subject. We’re searching forward to an incredible assembly with scientists from extraordinary nations around the sector

Market Analysis 
The worldwide nanomaterial’s market size was assessed at USD 8.0 billion of every 2020 and is supposed to extend at  an  accumulate   yearly   development rate (CAGR) of 14.1% from 2021 to 2028. Brilliant physio-synthetic properties and developing use of nanomaterial’s in gadgets, medical services, aviation, and materials ventures are supposed to drive the market over the figure time frame. The market for nanomaterial’s dove because of the episode of the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting  a  decrease in the buying force of the populace. The declining request in the aviation, car, gadgets area went on in 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, there has been a restoration popular in 2021 mostly because of the simplicity of limitations and monetary bundles declared by states to kick off the economies, which have further developed customer interest.
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Nonetheless, a few R&D associations are growing new expected uses of nanomaterial’s in the analysis, counteraction, and treatment of COVID-19 and other viral sicknesses. Nanomaterial’s are progressively being utilized in biomedical or imaging applications, inserts, photo thermal treatment, and medication conveyance attributable to the antimicrobial, cancer prevention agent, and anticancer properties. Such clinical applications are supposed to lessen the effect on the development brought about by Covid-19.
Nanostructure Nanomaterial and Nano engineering Related Associations & Societies
ASME Nanotechnology Institute
Foresight Nanotech institute
Nano Science and Technology institute (NSTI)
Nano Business Alliance
Nanotechnology and Nano science Student Association (NANSA)
Microscopy Society of America  (MSA )
The Institute of Nanotechnology (IoN)
Intuit for Molecular Manufacturing (IMM)
International Association of nanotechnology (IANT)
IEEE Nanotechnology Council
Nano Science and Technology Institute (NSTI)
Nano Technology Research Association
Nano Science and Technology Consortium (NSTC)
Canadian Nano Business Alliance (CNBA)
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Developing Nano toxicology methodologies
American Academy of Nano medicine (AANM)
International nomenclature and standards for new nanomaterial
Indian Society of Nano science and Nanotechnology

Nanostructure Nanomaterial and Nano engineering related Universities
George institute of Technology, Atlanta
Stanford University, Stanford
Massachusetts institute of Technology, Cambridge
National University of Singapore
Rice University, Houston
Tsighua University,Belijing
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Soochow University, Suzhou
Arizona State University, Tempe
University of Waterloo
University of Oxford,Oxford
Imperial College London
Peking University,Beijing
Harvard University,Cambridge
University of California, Berkeley
University of surrey
Seoul National University
University of Aberta
Technische University Dresden
University of Pittsburgh

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