Sitanshu Sekhar Lahiri

Sitanshu Sekhar Lahiri

  • Head Of Department
  • Radiation Biology and Radio-Protection
  • Chaudhary Charan Singh University
  • India

Sitanshu Sekhar Lahiri received the prestigious Common-Wealth Award during Under-graduate performances, University Gold Medal for being First class First with GPA 4.0 (4 point scale) at Post-graduation (M.V.Sc.) and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry (Biotechnology). He performed as Professor Emeritus, in reputed Amity Inst. of Biotechnology, Amity University, NOIDA. Superannuated as Scientist and Jt. Director, Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences (INMAS), Defense R&D Org. (DRDO), New Delhi. Performed as the Head, Division of ‘Radiation Biology and Radio-Protection’ received the ‘Technology Group’ Award as Head. Lead ‘Division of Drug Development, Evaluation, Safety, and ISO Cell, Management Representative till superannuation and Head Finance, INMAS. He received International awards, Directed Workshops/ Conferences, ‘Resource Person’ in national workshops, chairing international sessions in India and abroad and also delivered Invited/ Keynote Lectures all-round the globe. He served during the last national crisis (1994) by identifying the plague bacilli ‘Yersinia pestis. Also, he delivered lectures on “Biotechnology and Biological Warfare” enlightening different batches of Armed Force Officers. He is having research leading to 17 patents and 37 publications (limited by Defense secrecy) on radiation biology, radio-protection, early sensing as-well-as sensitization for invaluable low-dose radiotherapy treating cancer, combination therapy for cancer, drug development and delivery (insulin by oral and by long-acting intra-dermal routes).

“Simplification of Molecular Methods include immortalization of DNA, efficient and cheap method of DNA synthesis, world-cheapest breakthrough DNA Diagnostics for detection of infection with infinite shelf life at ambient temperature and under Field conditions, detection/surveillance of several samples at the same time and cost, nanotechnology for plant sex determination at early nursery stage in field, easy quantitative isolation of DNA, chemical method of identification of human blood-groups, natural method of preservation of milk, curd and cheese in room temperature, UV mutagenesis followed by excision-repair for increased curd production, method for dissolving insoluble casein (milk protein) in water by wave treatment. Detected the plague bacilli, developed Surveillance probe, during the last (1994) National crisis, portable DNA-to-cell transformation device at Rs. 1300 (US$-18) only. Oral therapy of natural products for complete cure of human breast/cervical cancer and Strain-A-mice, enabling 100% recovery if treatment started early when visible and 67% recovery in advanced cases. Arrests progression, metastasis, and mortality, with a delayed start of treatment. Potential therapy after exposure of lethal dose of ionizing radiation. Expertise both in In Vivo and In Vitro Genetic Engineering also in ‘BW’ and ‘NW’.

He is a Ph.D. Guide of IIT Delhi, Jamia Hamdard University, Delhi, CCS Univ. U.P. and Ph.D. Examiner of Delhi University, IIT Delhi, IVRI Izatnagar-Barelli and Chaudhary Charan Singh University for the project Sensitive and rapid detection of infection directly from clinical samples under Field conditions, DNA detection library for testing wide range of pathogens, Evaluation of bacterial ability as-well-as toxin production, both by In vivo and In vitro methods, Gene expression in human cell-line in response to radiation, radio-protectors and radio-sensitizers. He also developed “A novel glycogen dependent hydrodot for oral delivery and sustained release of D- fagomine (from buckwheat and mulberry) coupled with D-chiroinositol” for home-cure of diabetes. He also designed an instrument for label-free detection of infection by DNA hybridization.

Research Interest
Biochemistry, Radiation Biology

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